Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vanity Tuesday

I think I may make it a weekly post to list a few vanity plates for your consideration. With that in mind, I'll be playing around with the post title each week until I find one that suits me. Let's begin.

This one I saw just today on my way home from work.

I AM AMAC - I wonder if that's Justin Long's vehicle...

ANDRE-T7 - First thought. Mario Andretti fan. Second thought. WOW! What a TERRIBLE driver!! He seriously almost caused an accident right there!

HUNY BZ - Go figure, this car was covered in "beekeeper" bumper stickers. I have a feeling the driver like honey bees. What do you think?

This next one is my VERY favorite. Wish I had thought of it for when Joseph still had his yellow truck.

L8R POPO - Yes, the license plate really did read "later popo". I wonder how many times that driver gets pulled over JUST because of his plate.

PT NUT - Hmmm. You don't think she like her PT Cruiser, do you?

MIKES PT - When you consider the fact that this was on a PT Cruiser as well, you just want to give yourself a forehead smack while saying, "Duh!" I NEVER would have guessed that it was MIKE'S pt. For sure.

RACENON - ( Racing On) This guy might be the only rival to L8R POPO's number of being pulled over just for a plate.

WRK2RD - (Work to Ride) I'd like to think the driver also owns a motorcycle and that he only suffers through the work week because he knows that the weekend signifies yet another weekend trip on his bike.

R 5 BRATZ - Boys. They HAVE to be boys. I can't IMAGINE calling girls brats. Nope. Not at all.

TEONEUP - ( Tee one up) Check it out! Another golf lover.

Here's yours. Tell me what YOUR comment on this one is:


Give me some good ones this week!


lori dubya said...

I l-o-v-e this. It takes me forever sometimes to figure them out. Plus, I almost get in accidents myself trying to figure out what they are supposed to say [LOL]!

Jacki said...

Haha...here in our neck of the woods we have personalized plates like IH866. There was that one and another, but I can't remember it.