Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Tally against my Goal

So here's the deal. Last year I kept a running list of book that I read each month. While that was a nice reference, the list quickly became overwhelming and cumbersome when I needed to update it. AND, since I've been participating in What Are You Reading Mondays, I've already got my books listed so I don't need to do it twice. Instead, I'll just do a quick tally at the end of each month as I race towards my goal of 150 books read this year. Without further adieu, here is the total of books that I've read in January of 2010.

*Drum roll*


Yes, that is thirty-nine books read in January. Wow. I've managed to impress even myself and I was the one doing all the reading. (Well, with the one audio book exception.) I was hoping to read on book for each day of January, but I surpassed even that small unspoken goal. I had to, you see, as the year goes by my life gets busier so I have to use all the free time I have now to get a brilliant start towards my ultimate goal. Can I just say that I really wish all of life goals and dreams were so easily reached? Someday perhaps I'll have the gumption to tackle the really big stuff, but for now, I'll stick to reading. Besides, reading IS the best past time ever.

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Carin said...

WOW! At this pace you could entirely take a couple of months off entirely (I know, crazy talk) and still hit your goal without breaking a sweat. Good luck!