Monday, January 25, 2010

Dogs may Stink, but they are SO Cute!

Behold! The two cutest dogs in the whole wide world. This cuteness totally makes up for anything mentioned in the previous post.

Rocky and Mason
Mason is under my chair and Rocky beside it. Since I took the picture with my phone it isn't the best, but you can still see that the cuteness factor is out of this world!
Oh! and I should have put a disclaimer at the bottom of my last post as well. I was not, in any way, really complaining. I just thought it made a great, funny story to share here on my blog. I promise, it's really not a big deal. :-)


dArLyN said...

hi hannah!

just to mention that if you want to read naruto on line,i'll love to share you the link..i dont know if you already knew this, but gladly just to inform =p

p/s: dogs can be so cute!

CelticLady said...

Hope the culprit of the earlier post is feeling better... thanks for stopping by my blog... families are fun what would we do with out them??

Rachel Lynn said...

They are adorable!!