Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I had another blog before this one. But I had to delete it. The following fun was an idea that started with my old blog. I think this is my first time to use it here.

Vanity Plates

I live in Northern Virginia and if you followed the link above to Wikipedia, you may have noticed that Virginia has the highest percentage of vanity plates in the U.S. Out of all of the license plates in VA, 16.19% are vanity plates (as of 2007). These are just a small sampling of what I see every single day:

NOON ISH - Either this guy/gal has a fetish that has to do with the clock striking 12pm or they are always late to work

KNOWAY - "no way" - Maybe there is 'no way' this driver is going to let you in front of them in traffic or they were arguing with their significant other about what the license plate was NOT going to read

RSDNTL - "residential" - I think. I don't know what else it would mean. I suppose this person lives in one of the many large developments in NoVa. Perhaps not.

WLVRNE - Would you believe my husband, the biggest Wolverine fan I know, didn't "get" this plate when he first saw it? Nerds. Ya can't live with them. Ya can't live without them.

CRBBGE - Black Jack is NOT an option. It's only cribbage for me, my man.

JOGHER - Yes, a runner owns this one.

R6 GIRLS - I. Would. Kill. Myself. SIX girls!?! Heaven forbid! Can you imagine the number of Shoes that dad has to pay for? Yikes!

TOP STEP - This driver might be short. Or they just like the top step.

PANAMA 5 - I can't think of anything interesting to say about this one. There was nothing special on the car other than the license plate so I don't have any clues to the reason behind this plate.

SHINE 09 - I think this may have been a Mary Kay consultant's car.

And now I leave you to come up with a description/ short silly comment/ reason for this Vanity Plate:


Don't fail me ya'll! I know there's only a handful of you that read my blog, but would you please humor me and leave a comment about " my driving"?

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Alicia said...

Sounds like something you'd put on a car for your mom, but how often do people buy their mom a car? Maybe some people can afford that. I could almost have bought that plate for my husband, he used to drive like a grandpa. Now he's a terror.