Sunday, September 4, 2011

In the words of my sister... (6.24.11)

(Formerly posted on SparkPeople on Friday, June 24, 2011)

That's right, folks. I'm headed to Myrtle Beach on Sunday so the remainder of this week will be spent doing laundry and packing for the beach. Maybe just a little bit more shopping to to pick up those last minute items like SPF 15 sunscreen. I am so excited about this vacation. I've needed it for longer than I care to admit.

However, I'm just a tad bit worried about keeping up with my diet while I'm down south. I'm not worried about my exercise. I mean, I've got a computer and I've got my 30 Day Shred, but seafood buffets....YUM. I suppose I need to start researching now the number of calories in my favorite seafood dishes so that I can plan my meals accordingly even though we Will be eating out. Fun. Fun.

So, cheer me on my friends, I'm gonna need all the encouragement ya'll can spare, if you don't mind. Now, I gotta go pack! 

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