Sunday, September 4, 2011

To Stay Motivated (6-20-11)

(Formerly posted on SparkPeople on Monday, June 20, 2011)

What I think of to stay motivated in no particular order:

My goal to be fit enough to run with my friend who runs cross country races for George Mason.

My Husband - the occasions when he tells me that I look really good

my future children (praying that exercising will help me even be Able to Have children)

My goal to be able to lift a full sized motorcycle with no help from anyone else

My dream of being able to fit into that perfect dress from college again. (even if i don't hit my end goal weight, i'll still be able to fit into that dress again)

Being and Eating Healthy.

Strengthening my back - I don't want any more problems with my back ever again

I know some of these goals are much more future oriented, but every one of them is reachable and THAT is my biggest goal...Having attainable goals and dreams. And making the ones that seem to be UNattainable...attainable anyway.

What is YOUR biggest dream/goal? 

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