Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why September is NOT my favorite month of the year anymore

Thursday, September 01, 2011

I used to ADORE September. School had been in session for two or three weeks already and fall was in the air. Then, I grew up. And got a "real" job. And now...September is my LEAST favorite month. Let me explain.

I work for a company that resells IT equipment and maintenance to the government. September is the government's end of fiscal year. The month when they spend the most money. My job is to process the orders from the govt and to send the new orders to the vendors. It's relentless, mostly mindless work. I hate it on a normal day. In September, the work triples and quadruples. Breaks become a thing of the past. Eight hour days....what are those!?! Try 12 -16 hours on for size. My boss and her boss are insincerely sincere in their thanks and praise at the work getting done. What they're really saying when they say thank you in September is....why can't you work more hours in a day, and HOW did you NOT get all of your work done? Why didn't you ask for help if you were so far behind in your work? *Hannah's reply* Oh, you know...I really don't have THAT much work (sarcastically, of course). I really just like to talk my head off instead of, wait...that's YOU!

Bitter? Absolutely. The thanks we do receive are all so two-faced and insincere that I have begun to abhore this job. One day, I'll get out of it. But, until that day...i'm going to continue disliking September.

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Library Diva said...

Sad that I work in a completely different field (journalist for a weekly newspaper) but can TOTALLY relate. I read your posts here and really enjoyed they way you write. Hope to see more!