Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Week in Hogsmeade (8.21.11)

(Formerly posted on SparkPeople on Sunday, August 21, 2011)

Monday my friends and I from Hogwarts traveled down for a week long visit to Hogsmeade.

Tuesday, when we hit Dervish and Banges, I learned a little bit more about how the lack of exercise affects my daily routine as I did my first 30 Day Shred in about a week. Never realized how fast muscle went away despite reading about it constantly.

Wednesday at Zonko's Joke Shop, my coworker and I had more than a few laughs to help alleviate the stress of our job.

Thursday, when we visited the Post Office, I met a few more people from the House of Slytherin. Now THAT was probably my favorite part of the week since I hadn't met many Slytherin's since starting school at Hogwarts.

Friday, we stopped for refreshment at The Three Broomsticks, and let me just tell you that I don't believe I have EVER drank so much water in one day before! 17 cups of water had me feeling like I could do laps around a swimming pool at my work desk.

On Saturday when we stopped at Honeydukes' I didn't actually get to participate because I went on a date with my husband (a straight up Gryffindor!) to Pei Wei.

And we are at one of the bestest shops ever opened...Scrivenshaft's. This is the day I get to share with you what I did this week.

I think if I had to choose a shop that I needed to visit more often, it would have to be The Three Broomsticks. The chance to earn house points for every single cup of water that I drank in one day motivated me to help my house as much as I could. A visit like that every day of my time at Hogwarts would help me more than anything else. And you know..most of that would be because the more water I drank, the less food I ate. LOVED that!

After such a GREAT time spent in Hogsmeade this week, I am definitely looking forward towards our next term at Hogwarts. See, I'm planning on helping my fellow Slytherins win the house cup this year. Cause we deserve it! 

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